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June is Gay pride 2018


Here is a very lovely article written by Omid Safi found on entitled: The Spiritual Is Political


By William Vroman (William Vroman’s PC) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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Falling Asleep & Waking Up: Metaphor and the Meditation Experience


Ever notice just before you wake up there is a split second of awareness with no attachment to your life? There are no problems or stresses. No pain. In fact, there really is no “you” at all. Only pure awareness.

When you laid down in your bed, you relaxed, until you let go and fell.

Now, imagine going about your life in the wakened state in complete freedom. Unfettered. Relaxed, surrendered, and detached from your problems just as you were in that split second before you opened your eyes.

Yes, it is possible to wake up to a new world!

This article compares the energy drop in sleep to that of meditation and also explores why the depressed love to sleep and often cannot get out of bed.

With Us From the Start: The History of the Arab and Muslims in the U.S.


By Own camera, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Help! I’m surrounded by Muslims! What do I do?

Enjoy it. It’s called Dearborn, Michigan–the largest Arab and Muslim population in America. Want some falafel?

Journey with me deep into Jericho, an 11,000-year-old city and “hotbed” of Palestinian Terrorists.

Next stop: Dearborn where you will discover tales of Arabs and Muslims from the days of African slavery at the foundation of our country to Henry Ford’s Detroit automobile plants.

Final stop: Realization. They’ve been With Us From the Start.

Your Divine Qualities of the Lunar Mansion: Nakshatras of the Ancient Babylonians, Egyptians, & Vedic People.


Long before the Greeks and the twelve zodiacal signs of Tropical astrology, the ancient people of Babylon, Egypt, and the Indus Valley looked to the stars when determining the right time to take action. “Sidereal time” as it is referred to is a way to understand the stream of time by viewing the stars versus time as understood through the seasons as per the Tropical system. These stars or “Nakshatras,” in Sanskrit, are also commonly known as the Lunar Mansion or “Abode of the Gods.”

For 5000 years, the moon’s placement at birth amidst these fixed stars on the celestial sphere reveals the qualities given to the soul by the Gods for this incarnation. Still in use today, these qualities are energies known as “Shaktis” and indicate the major themes in one’s life.

Prithvi Mudra: The Symbolic Hand Gestures of Jesus, Buddha, & Religious Deities

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